This agreement demonstrates the terms and conditions for participation inside the ( By Freelancer Akash arora) Affiliate Program. The terms “Affiliate,” “you,” and “your” square measure bearing on Amazon Affiliate Program, the one that’s applying to participate in our affiliate program. We and our refers to ( By Freelancer akash arora).

You which we tend to square measure freelance parties and you agree that this Agreement shall not turn out any sort of partnership or employer-employee relationship between us If you are acceptive this Agreement on behalf of another person or an organization, you agree merely|that you just} simply have the authority to bind them.


To be eligible to participate as AN affiliate, you’d prefer to be a minimum of eighteen (18) years previous and have a sound tax ID or social welfare selection. If you are inside the nation you want to finish a W9 sort or its equivalent in your country. throughout the registration methodology, you’ll be asked to supply certain data. In providing this data you represent and agree that every one data is, and may keep, truthful and current.

We reserve the right to check whether or not  you are eligible or terminate your participation with us at any time, whereas not warning. we have a bent to order the right to terminate your account at any time whereas not warning or reason, but specifically, we have a bent to may do therefore if you or your computing device violates any term of this Agreement or any applicable law. Termination of your account for breach or violation of law may embrace forfeiture of any compensation owed and reaction of any already paid.


This Agreement will begin upon our acceptance of your affiliate application and may end once terminated by either party, but we’ve got a bent to may terminate this agreement at any time, unexpectedly, for your breach or violation of the law.

Termination may occur at any time, with or whereas not cause, by giving the other party written notice of the termination in accordance with this Agreement. Once the Agreement is terminated, you’ll promptly stop your participation with the placement, exclude any offers, content, links, or inventive that has been provided to you by us or our advertisers. If you would terminated, you will have forfeit all your rights to get any compensation from the termination date.

We could to boot reject any application if you are from a state that presently imposes a tax on the sale of merchandise or services by affiliates (i.e. nexus tax) and to boot the publiciser does not wish to plug its merchandise during this state through you.


We might modify any of the terms and conditions within this Agreement at any time and at our sole discretion, despite the dissimilarity which can occur between the amended version of the Agreement and to boot the initial version. These modifications may embrace but do not seem to be restricted to, changes inside the scope of accessible referral fees, fee schedules, payment procedures, and rules with relation to our affiliate program. If any of the modifications square measure unacceptable to you, you wish to promptly terminate this Agreement and apprise us of such notification; you would like to not continue participating inside the affiliate program. By continuing to participate inside the program following the posting of a modification Notice or amendments to the present Agreement, you are indicating merely|that you just} simply accept the modifications and change to fits them.


The schedule for you to receive compensation is based on the prevalence of a sound event, that’s dominated by the terms of the give and its requirements. we have a bent to order the right, in our sole discretion, to check the validity of any event which will lead to compensation to you. moreover, we’ll haven’t got any obligation to shop for invalid actions or if the advertiser(s) fails to remit payment.

Depending on the particular give, your compensation may to boot be supported (PERCENTAGE AS determined BY AMAZON AFFILIATE PROGRAM for numerous merchandise & categories ) you take care of the financial gain or Rs.____._ per sale as a commission from the particular valid action which will trigger compensation to you (i.e. orders placed through your Affiliate Site). you’ll only be procured legitimate compensation that was earned, that’s set by us in our sole discretion. Payment square measure about to be created by AN approved technique which can be announce on the placement, and in U.S. bucks unless otherwise united to by every parties in writing. you’ll be paid simply the once you have reached a payment threshold of a minimum of Rs.50.00USD (or another selection united in writing by every parties) and paid on terms of a schedule of ___________days once the doomsday of the month or over again frame that has been organized in writing by every parties.

(Amazon Affiliate Program)

For a sale to induce a commission to AN Affiliate, the consumer ought to complete the shape, remit full payment for the service ordered, and have their installation completed. you’ll receive you take care of orders placed through the Affiliate Sites of those sub-Affiliates that you’ve got got sponsored into the author Affiliate Program. Affiliate commissions will only be paid on sales that square measure created through qualified Affiliates.

Compensation can only be earned between the acceptance of the Affiliate application and spot of termination. Fees square measure about to be paid on the first day of each month by ( By Freelancer akash arora). Any came checks, chargebacks, or fees from a came order square measure about to be adjusted inside the subsequent fee payment. If no fee payment is due, an invitation invoice for the number square measure about to be issued.
Affiliates should have a full of life link on their web site. so as to qualify for commissions on sub-affiliate sales in any given month, associate degree affiliate should in person sell a minimum of one order throughout that month. Affiliate will be accountable for all taxes and costs that they will incur.

ORDER process

( By Freelancer akash arora) are going to be alone accountable for process each order placed by a client on the Affiliate and sub-affiliate sites. costs and accessibility of our product and services could vary from time to time. ( By Freelancer akash arora) policies can continuously verify the worth paid by the client. we tend to reserve the correct to reject any order that doesn’t accommodates our rules, operative procedures, and policies.


As explicit on top of, your eligibility to participate depends on many things together with however you promote the product or services. ( By Freelancer Akash arora) reserves the correct, in its sole discretion and while not clarification to you, to reject your participation within the ( By Freelancer akash arora) based mostly on-the-spot content. for instance, Sites that don’t qualify for the ( By Freelancer akash arora) Affiliate Program embrace, however don’t seem to be restricted to, sites that:

-Are X- rated and promote sexually express materials
-Promote violence and discord.
-Promote discrimination supported race, sex, religion, status, disability, sexual orientation, or age
-Promote contraband or questionable activities
-Violate holding rights or alternative rights of third parties
– websites that utilize spyware, malware, or adware
– Sites that collect personal info concerning guests while not their data
– Sites that iframe any provide
– Sites that impersonate somebody or provide the impression that the positioning is supported by any specific person
– Sites that ar unable to direct cheap amounts of traffic
– Sites that ar underneath construction
– Sites that need a login/password, unless approved by America
– Sites that contain exit pops or ghost constituent firing
– Sites that use faux news stories or ar created in a very thanks to check a news website (flogs, particles)
-Violate any law of any applicable jurisdiction
-Would otherwise bring our ( By Freelancer Akash arora) Affiliate Program into discredit
We reserve the only real right to see whether or not your web site is disqualified from our program thanks to the on top of restrictions.


You must not underneath any circumstances have interaction in fallacious, unfair, or deceptive follows once collaborating in our ( By Freelancer Akash arora). This includes, however isn’t restricted to, the follow usually referred to as “cookie stuffing,” giving non-existent incentives as a gift for buying things, or the other fallacious, unfair, or deceptive practice. we tend to reserve the correct to see, in our sole discretion, whether or not you or your website has utilised any fallacious technique or is partaking in deceptive techniques. we tend to could suspend or terminate your account if we’ve any reason to believe that you simply ar committing fraud or deceit and at any time, in our sole discretion. If your account is suspended or terminated for fraud you may forgo any rights to compensation each paid, and unpaid.


Unsolicited industrial E-mail – ( By Freelancer akash arora) in no method participates in mass uninvited e-mailing (i.e. spamming), and every one Affiliates ar expected to not do something that will violate this policy. Violation of this policy can lead to the termination of the Agreement and immediate dismissal from the ( By freelancer akash arora) Affiliate Program, with no refund or payments created for affiliate commissions attained.

DATA AND holding

Once you’re approved, and then long as you stay eligible, you’re granted a non-exclusive, revocable, restricted non-transferable license to Americae materials that ar provided to you by us or associate degree advertizer for a selected provide. you are doing not have any holding rights in any of these materials. what is more, any knowledge that’s collected or generated through your efforts, use, or participation ar deemed to be tip of our company and become whole in hand by America.

This info is proprietary to America and is taken into account a secret. you may stay accountable for its accuracy and safeguarding it, which incorporates not reproducing it or storing it in insecure locations. you may not disclose any of this knowledge to anyone outside of this Agreement and can inform America among 2 (2) hours if you think the information or your website has been compromised. you may be susceptible to America for any claims, whether or not brought or vulnerable, that’s connected to the employment or misuse of our website or the information.


You agree to not hold America to blame for any damages associated with problems on the far side our management, together with however not restricted to, acts of God, war, terrorism, struggle, riots, criminal activity, natural disasters, disruption of communications or infrastructure, labor shortages or disruptions (including unlawful strikes), shortages of materials, and the other events that don’t seem to be among our management.


You comply with indemnify U.S.A. for and defend against any actions by third parties associated with your participation in our program. as an example, if you violate our anti-spam policy, and that we get sued as a results of your activity, you want to indemnify us for the damages and legal fees that you just cause U.S.A. to incur.


We build no specific or understood warranties or representations with regard to the Affiliate Program or your potential to earn financial gain from the ( By Freelancer Akash arora) Affiliate Program. additionally, we have a tendency to build no illustration that the operation of our web site or the Affiliate Sites are uninterrupted or error-free, and that we won’t be answerable for the implications of any interruptions or period of time. we have a tendency to expressly disclaim all warranties, whether or not written or oral. we are going to not be answerable for any damages that you just, or any third party, might incur as a results of your use or misuse of our web site or promotion of any provide or loss of any information. In jurisdictions that limit or don’t enable these exclusions our most liability won’t exceed any amounts paid to you among the previous 3 (3) payment cycles.


If any Court strikes down any provision or sentence of this Agreement the {remainder} shall remain intact and fully force and impact.

This Agreement are ruled by the laws applicable within the Republic of India, while not relevancy rules governing conflicts of laws. Any action with reference to this Agreement should be brought in an exceedingly court of competent jurisdiction set in Republic of India, or if no such court of competent jurisdiction exists therein geographic region, then consecutive nighest court that has jurisdiction to listen to the action; you irrevocably consent to the jurisdiction of those and solely these courts. The litigant in any dispute or action are entitled to its cheap attorneys’ fees and prices.

You may not assign your rights or obligations below this Agreement, by operation of law or otherwise, while not our previous written consent. We, however, might assign or transfer our rights and obligations below this Agreement to a 3rd party wherever we have a tendency to believe it appropriate? as an example, if we have a tendency to sell our business to a 3rd party. Subject thereto restriction, this Agreement are binding on, habituate to the good thing about, and enforceable against the parties and their various successors and assigns. Our failure to enforce your strict performance of any provision of this Agreement won’t represent a release of our right to afterward enforce such provision or the other provision of this Agreement.

By submitting this Affiliate Agreement type, you acknowledge that you just have scan this agreement and comply with all its terms and conditions. you’ve got severally evaluated this program and aren’t looking forward to any illustration, guarantee, or statement aside from as set forth during this agreement.

(Optional) you will select to not have the subsequent rule along with your program.

*Please note that NO COMMISSION is paid on your original purchase of ( By Freelancer akash arora). In different words, you can’t obtain from yourself or be your initial purchase for the only real purpose of discounting your own product purchase.

I have scan the terms of this agreement and that i accept